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Interview: Ken Bruce & Bob Harris

The weekday and country show DJs pick their tear-jerker tracks

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Published: Sunday, 12th June 2011 at 7:06 am

Which song brings a tear to your eye?


Ken: “Every time I hear Nina Simone’s I Put a Spell on You, I get a tingle down my spine. It just rips me apart the minute it comes on. It starts off great and then the sax comes in and it just takes off to a whole new level.

It’s such a spare, spartan sax solo – perfect. And then when she comes in, she and the sax player do a little call and response, mirroring each other and it’s just fantastic. It will never leave me unstirred.”

Bob: “My all time favourite song is Stand by Me by Ben E King. I was 15 when it came out and this year is its 50th anniversary but it still has that effect on me every time I hear it. It’s very soulful and the message of the song is just beautiful.

Ben E King was a genius and with the Drifters he put out a song called There Goes My Baby in 1959 that pioneered a whole new sound – soul and strings brought together to create something I’d never heard the like of before. Stand by Me epitomises that sound for me – it’s gorgeous.”


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