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Interview: Claudia Winkleman & Jo Whiley

The female favourites on the cringe-worthy tracks they love

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Published: Wednesday, 22nd June 2011 at 7:04 am

What’s your most embarrassing record?


Claudia: “The first single I bought was Tight Fit’s The Lion Sleeps Tonight, but I have since realised that it’s better for me to say it was Blondie’s Heart of Glass.
I learnt to lie about my musical preferences early on in life – at home my parents used to listen to Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow and Rod Stewart, who we called the three kings. Other people disagreed.

Now I’m more relaxed in my bad taste and can admit that Manilow is as good as it gets. Mandy is my favourite song and however much people may say it’s rubbish, give them a couple of glasses of wine and they’ll be singing along.

Celine Dion is in there, obviously and a bit of Bryan Adams. I also love a compilation – Now That’s What I Call Music! is my heaven. I have kept all of the really old scratched CDs, but they are all in the wrong cases and scattered around my car.”

Jo: “My dad has always loved anything current and cool, so my musical education started very early on as I was always listening to stuff courtesy of him. He presented me with the Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz when I was seven. They were the ultimate glam rock band and I remember being titillated by the sight of these men with tons of make-up on.

The first album I bought was Blondie’s Parallel Lines. You couldn’t make a finer choice than Debbie Harry! On the whole, there’s nothing I’m that embarrassed about, although I do have to admit to having quite a big collection of musicals. I love West Side Story, Cabaret and South Pacific. What can I say?

I haven’t added to my record collection in a year, though – I download music now, so everything is on my MP3 player and my computer. We have docks all around the house so you can just plug it in. I compulsively make playlists all the time, so when we have parties, we have either, say, “nostalgic” or “campfire” music playing in the background.”


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