“Fun Lovin” 6 Music DJ Huey Morgan tells Twitter what he thinks about the Sony music awards

Morgan started an online spat with his colleague Lauren Laverne last night and had a pop at Fearne Cotton and Chris Evans too

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BBC 6 Music was named Station of the Year at the Sony Radio Academy Awards last night, but not all its employees were happy with the outcome of the judging.


Huey Morgan, a 6 Music DJ and front man of the so-called Fun Lovin’ Criminals, was not recognised at the awards but took to Twitter to share his thoughts on some of those who were.

In the Fun Lovin’ firing line were his colleague Lauren Laverne, who received the Silver award in the Music Radio Personality category, Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton, who won Best Music Programme, and Chris Evans, who was named Music Personality of the Year.

“They ain’t gonna let some dude from NYC win this sh*t,” tweeted Morgan. “Fern, Lauren, Chris. Yeah right, that’s cool? Suckers they come a dime a dozen… (sic).”

“I am the peoples champ, don’t need no award. Y’all know how it be,” he continued.

Referencing prolific tweeter Laverne, whose show he covered during her maternity leave, he said: “Ask me to cover for her and up her ratings. F*ck that sh*t. Kenickie? Please.”

“You got no idea what I put Into my shows. She just shows up and plays in twitter. Ain’t that BS,” he added.

He seemed unconvinced by Cotton’s win too, suggesting: “Yo, Fern cotton won a gold award, sh*t is fake!”

Of course, Huey’s not bitter that he didn’t get a gong himself: “I don’t care about the awards y’all,” he told followers. “It’s the suckers hat get ’em that got me worried. now go live your life. I’ll be back in a week’s time.”

It wasn’t long before Laverne was responding to Morgan’s comments, tweeting him: “Hi Huey, I really don’t know why you’re being like this but I do programme my shows, every single morning.

“Just because you don’t work like that when you cover for me, doesn’t mean it’s what I do. Please stop being weird.”

She then sent multiple tweets to followers defending herself from Morgan’s accusations: “Hey all, getting friction from someone I’ve always got on [well with] here. Very weird, not sure why. But just to be clear, I programme the music on my show every morning. I’d always hoped this was obvious from it being quite good, but apparently clarification would help.”


This morning, a far more humble-sounding Morgan apologised for his outburst – before apparently signing off from Twitter for good: “I am sorry for my comments last night. If I offended anyone, I apologise. I will tweet no more. Goodbye and thank you for you reality check.” What fun!