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Fan sues Kanye West and Jay Z's Tidal streaming service over The Life of Pablo album

The rapper tweeted that his album would only be available on Tidal, meaning fans would have to sign up to get it, but he later released it on iTunes, Spotify and his website

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Published: Tuesday, 19th April 2016 at 3:35 pm

Fans everywhere were upset when Kanye West tweeted in February that "My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale ... You can only get it on [the Jay Z-owned streaming service] Tidal." Everyone wanted to hear the new album, The Life of Pablo, but no one particularly wanted to pay a premium subscription fee for the service to do so. But fans were even more upset when, earlier this month, after many of them had paid for the streaming service, Kanye released his album on Spotify, iTunes and his website.


One fan from California has decided to take Kanye to court over this — Justin Baker-Rhett filed a class action lawsuit against West and Tidal, claiming that they misled consumers by saying that Pablo would only be available to stream on Tidal. The $5 million lawsuit calls for Tidal to delete all of the private information of Mr Baker-Rhett and any other individuals who join the class action.

Following the release of The Life of Pablo, Tidal's subscriber numbers tripled to 3 million, and the company's value grew from $60 million to $84 million.

"Kanye has the power to send one tweet out into the world and get 2 million people to act on it," Mr. Baker-Rhett's attorney said to Rolling Stone. "This suit is about holding him accountable when he abuses that power."


Representatives for West and Tidal have yet to respond to the lawsuit.


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