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Duchess of Cornwall to visit The Archers

Ambridge gets a royal visit for its 60th anniversary...

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Published: Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 at 6:18 pm

The residents of Ambridge will be rolling out the red carpet in their 60th-anniversary year as the BBC today confirmed that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will appear in an episode of the programme later this month.


Listeners to tonight's show will have heard Caroline Sterling (Sara Coward) reveal that Her Royal Highness will soon be visiting the Grey Gables country house hotel.

The brief royal visit will be broadcast on Thursday 16 February when the Duchess will visit BBC Birmingham to meet the cast and crew of the series before attending a 60th-anniversary reception organised by BBC Chairman Sir Michael Lyons.

A big fan of the world's longest-running drama, the Duchess will appear on the show in her role as the President of the National Osteoporosis Society, a charity she has supported since 1994.


The Duchess of Cornwall is not the first royal to appear in The Archers. In 1984, Princess Margaret appeared in an episode marking the centenary of the NSPCC.


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