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“Cheryl Cole should do Glee” says Matthew Morrison

Mr Schue thinks the show could be Cheryl’s chance to break America

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Published: Wednesday, 22nd June 2011 at 11:00 am

Could an appearance on Glee be Cheryl Cole’s route to winning over the United States, following her X Factor USA disappointment? Glee star Matthew Morrison thinks so and says Cheryl has what it takes.


“Appearing on Glee would be a good way for Cheryl to crack America,” said Morrison, who plays Glee Club coach Will Schuester in the show.

“Cheryl is on the front of every newspaper and magazine in the UK. It’s not the same in America but I think she can crack it. She’s a talented girl.”

It might not be easy for Cheryl to go back to the very same network that decided her X Factor USA fate, but Morrison thinks she has a chance.

“She was part of Fox when she was in America and they also make Glee,” he said. “Maybe she will get an appearance - you never know!”

If Cheryl does get her 15 minutes of Glee, it’s likely it would give her career a boost. Previous guest stars on the show have included Britney Spears - now touring again - and, more recently, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Hollywood star succeeded in lightening her “overly serious” image after playing substitute teacher Holly Holliday, and performing some memorable musical numbers, including a duet with Morrison.


And no doubt Cheryl could use some of the same medicine. Following her X Factor woes, she's ducked out of the limelight - managing only a few paragraphs on her blog to reassure fans that she is "more than OK" - and has reportedly alienated family members by spending time with ex-husband Ashley Cole.


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