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How to keep the kids and your finances protected

We take little steps every day to protect the people we love, and we should be doing the same for our money

One thing all of us are looking forward to doing more of in the future is welcoming our extended families back into our homes, from brothers and sisters to sons, daughters and grandchildren.

And, when it comes to the children in our lives, it’s vital that when they’re watching movies and TV shows, they’re protected against anything you wouldn’t want them to see, which in turn will give you peace of mind. In much the same way, when it comes to your money, you deserve to feel confident that your investments and pensions are also protected from any threats out there with help from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Safety in numbers

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Animated blockbusters, educational shows, comedies, cartoons… there’s never been a better choice of on-screen entertainment for kids to experience. So it’s good to know that – whether it’s your own children or family you’re having over – there are steps we can all take to make sure they’re enjoying themselves safely.

Indeed, there are so many different channels, streaming platforms and available devices to watch now, sometimes our kids and grandkids know better than us how to make it all work! But that’s all the more reason to know they’ll be protected against any potentially harmful content when they do watch something. All it takes is ensuring simple things such as parental controls with secure password and pin protection are set up, and checking you can remember them while you’re at it.

Away from the screen too, we’re always making small second-nature checks to ensure our little ones are protected. We put up stair gates, we keep fragile or potentially dangerous items high up and out of reach, and we make sure they’re wearing a helmet as soon as they master the tricycle. Simply put, when you’re protecting the people you love, it doesn’t feel like an effort.

Protect your finances

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Your money might not be as important as your family, but it’s still something that needs routine protection from threats that may cause you a personal financial crisis. That’s where FSCS comes in. FSCS is a completely free and independent service that protects you if your financial firm goes out of business. FSCS protects lots of financial products like pensions, investments, bank, building society and credit union accounts.

Of course, this isn’t about telling you what to do with your money or making you worry about potential financial trouble. It’s quite the opposite – FSCS can give you peace of mind with a crucial layer of protection. That’s why, as part of your yearly financial MOT, you should check your pensions and investments are FSCS protected.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme – check your money is protected

FSCS protects your money when providers go out of business – so if you already have a pension or investment, or you’re thinking about getting one, it’s important to check that your provider and product is FSCS protected. FSCS is a free service and independent of the financial services industry.


There are so many types of investments and it can be confusing. Visit for handy tips and step by step guidance on how to check your investment is FSCS protected.


Pensions are one of the most complicated financial products. Help understand if your pension is FSCS protected by using the FSCS Pensions Protection Checker at

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