Adblocker Troubleshooting Guide

Have you deactivated your Ad-blocker, but still can’t access

We are aware that some users are still receiving a message prompting them to disable their Ad-blocker, even after they gone through the process of deactivating it or adding to their whitelist. 

If you have experienced this situation, we know that it can be frustrating, however we hope that you will find some of the following suggestions useful and ultimately allows you to access without restrictions.

It isn’t just Ad-blockers that block ads.  There are several browser plug-ins and software tools that can prevent a website from showing advertising and as such then generate the message. Please take a moment to find out if any of the following applies to you.

1.   Anti-virus software: Some anti-virus programs remove advertising from websites. Please check your settings to find out if this applies to your anti-virus program. If so, either deactivate the adblock functionality within the anti-virus software (not the anti-virus software itself) or add as an exception.

2.   Script blocker and other browser plugins: in some instances, script blockers like Ghostery and UBlock Origin prevent advertising from showing on a website. If you use a script blocker, check the settings to find out if ads are being blocked as well and deactivate this feature for Alternatively, switch to different a browser that doesn’t have any add-ons installed.

3.   Company network: Company or public networks sometimes block ads for all users that access the internet through these networks. If your company uses a network ad blocker, please contact us at and we will provide a solution for you.

4.   Private browsing mode: Some browsers like Firefox block ads as a default when used in private browsing or incognito mode. Switch to regular mode or try a different browser to allow ads on radiotimes.

5.   No joy?  Still seeing that message? Please contact us at