Stargate Universe


Series 2 - Episode 14 Hope



The crew takes shifts connected to the communication stones, hoping for a chance to contact Homeworld Command, while Chloe falls asleep and wakes up with Ginn's consciousness in her body. Tamara diagnoses Volker with end-stage renal disease, and with a kidney transplant necessary to save his life, the Destiny is searched for a suitable donor.

Cast & Crew

Dr Nicholas Rush Robert Carlyle
Everett Young Justin Louis
Matthew Scott Brian J Smith
Chloe Armstrong Elyse Levesque
Eli Wallace David Blue
Tamara Johansen Alaina Huffman
Brody Peter Kelamis
Ronald Greer Jamil Walker Smith
Camile Wray Ming-Na
David Telford Lou Diamond Phillips
Dr Dale Volker Patrick Gilmore
Ginn Julie McNiven
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