Weapon of Choice

Series 3 - Episode 4 Weapon of Choice



The SAS venture into lawless Chechnya to hunt down rebel hostage-takers. The mission takes an unexpected turn when insurgents capture civilians along with members of Blue Troop, leaving Henno and his team to stage a dramatic rescue bid. Military drama, starring Ross Kemp, Heather Peace and Chris Fox.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Henry `Henno' Garvie Ross Kemp
Col Aidan Dempsey Miles Anderson
Cpl Louis Hoffman Christopher Fox
Becca Gallagher Heather Peace
Dave Woolston Louis Decosta Johnson
Ed Dwyer Liam Garrigan
Kathy Crampton Hannah Yelland
Sean Smith Derek Horne
Movzar Mazayev Kristian Ninic
Vasily Obramov Peter Sullivan
Sapiyat Mazayev Agnieszka Liggett
Alex Johnson Simeon Andrews
Gene Lavelle Con O'Neill
Mary Maguire Dearbhla Molloy
Akim Pavel Rimburg
Salim Krassimir Damianov
Sergei Orhan Tichich
Akhmed Henrik Irgens
Longhair Dushan Stojadinovic
Reporter David Gillespie
Hostage Patrick Hannigan
Sidekick Alexei Akinfiev
Director Tom Clegg
Writer Len Collin
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