My Friend with Money

Series 6 - Episode 5 My Friend with Money



Elliot splashes out on decorating the apartment with the money from her private practice, but JD becomes jealous and loses the privilege of watching her giant plasma TV. Dr Cox hides from Jordan with the Janitor, but when the men turn on one another, Dr Kelso has to settle their differences. Carla believes she may have post-natal depression.

Cast & Crew

John `JD' Dorian Zach Braff
Dr Chris Turk Donald Faison
Dr Bob Kelso Ken Jenkins
Dr Perry Cox John C McGinley
Carla Espinosa Judy Reyes
The Janitor Neil Flynn
Dr Todd Quinlan Robert Maschio
Dr Elliot Reid Sarah Chalke
Jordan Sullivan Christa Miller Lawrence
Dr Kim Briggs Elizabeth Banks
Director John Michel
Writer Gabrielle Allan
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