Blade: The Series

Turn of the Screw

Series 1 - Episode 9 Turn of the Screw



Lisa Starr escapes from her daughter after being turned into a vampire, forcing Krista and Blade to track her down and administer his serum, before it is too late to control her new predatory urges. Elsewhere, Chase meets an estranged friend, who is desperate for her to leave Marcus, so he devises a plan to separate them - with unpleasant consequences. Starring P Lynn Johnson.

Cast & Crew

Blade Kirk `Sticky Fingaz' Jones
Shen Nelson Lee
Krista Starr Jill Wagner
Marcus Van Sciver Neil Jackson
Chase Jessica Gower
Agent Ray Collins Larry Poindexter
Lisa Starr P Lynn Johnson
Alex Kavan Smith
Director Norberto Barba
Executive Producer Ari Arad
Executive Producer Avi Arad
Executive Producer David S Goyer
Executive Producer David Simkins
Executive Producer Jim Rosenthal
Executive Producer Jon Kroll
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