Blade: The Series


Series 1 - Episode 11 Hunters



The team travels to Detroit in a bid to halt the revival of notorious vampire the White Prince, who is operating from a nightclub in the city. Shen has reservations about Bethany being used as bait to lure the bloodsucker out of his building, and Krista goes out to find a victim, unable to resist her thirst any longer.

Cast & Crew

Blade Kirk `Sticky Fingaz' Jones
Shen Nelson Lee
Krista Starr Jill Wagner
Marcus Van Sciver Neil Jackson
Chase Jessica Gower
Charlotte Emily Hirst
Zed Brendan Penny
Nicki Katharine Horsman
Bethany Lauren Lee Smith
White Prince Scott Heindl
Director Brad Turner
Executive Producer Ari Arad
Executive Producer Avi Arad
Executive Producer David S Goyer
Executive Producer David Simkins
Executive Producer Jim Rosenthal
Executive Producer Jon Kroll
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