Desperate Housewives

I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday

Series 7 - Episode 20 I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday



So, Bree has house guests: Gaby (who’s fighting with Carlos) and her two miscreant daughters. She’d quite like to shoot and/or poison them, but doesn’t. It’s not that kind of episode. Instead, the primmest Wisteria Lane wife settles for trying to teach them some manners, which is a bit like trying to install Windows onto a broken typewriter.

Elsewhere in this unusually low-key helping of the suburban romp, Tom hires Lynette and Renee to decorate his office (it doesn’t go well). Susan, who’s still got a bad case of transplant-guilt and is compulsively feeding Paul, finds out that Felicia is out of jail and back on the street. The scheming finger-chopper has brewed another revenge plan for her sister’s murderer. It’s not looking good for Paul right now.


Bree asks Gabrielle to discipline her children during their stay at her house, while Tom hires Lynette and Renee to redecorate his office. Susan continues to nurse Paul back to health, and discovers that Felicia has been released from prison.

Cast & Crew

Lynette Scavo Felicity Huffman
Gabrielle Solis Eva Longoria
Tom Scavo Doug Savant
Carlos Solis Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Mike Delfino James Denton
Mary Alice Young Brenda Strong
Susan Delfino Teri Hatcher
Bree Van de Kamp Marcia Cross
Paul Young Mark Moses
Renee Perry Vanessa Williams
Parker Scavo Joshua Logan Moore
MJ Delfino Mason Vale Cotton
Felicia Tilman Harriet Sansom Harris
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