A Guilty Mind - Part Two

Series 14 - Episode 2 A Guilty Mind - Part Two



Part two of two. Nikki receives a frosty reception from Silverlake's wife when she inquires about his use of antidepressants, and the stress of the case begins to take its toll on her psychological wellbeing. With his colleague teetering on the brink of a breakdown, Harry insists she see a psychiatrist, but a later discovery prompts him to realise he has placed her in mortal danger. Crime thriller, starring Emilia Fox and Tom Ward.

Cast & Crew

Prof Leo Dalton William Gaminara
Ying McCoy You-Ri Yamanaka
DC Julia Catina Kelly Harrison
DI Frank Skipper Mark Lewis Jones
Zak Khan Arsher Ali
Dr Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
Jason Bodle Michael Shaeffer
Dr Harry Cunningham Tom Ward
Prof Nigel Silverlake Roy Marsden
Naomi Silverlake Sinead Keenan
Eight-year-old girl Adrianna Bertola
Gemma McFea Ysobel Gonzalez
Miranda Silverlake Sorcha Cusack
Alex Leith Mark Dexter
Dr Stephanie Banks Jacquetta May
Cherie Maskell Michele Austin
Shop assistant Carlyss Peer
Police officer Jack Pierce
Elderly volunteer Vilma Hollingbery
Director Sue Tully
Producer Richard Burrell
Writer Timothy Prager
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