$£*! My Dad Says

The Manly Thing to Do

Series 1 - Episode 8 The Manly Thing to Do



Ed is delighted when his old Navy buddy Wally Durham pays a visit, but when his friend's politically incorrect attitude offends Tim, he is forced into an awkward position. Meanwhile, Bonnie begins to act strangely around Henry, and Vince discovers it is because he caught a glimpse of her naked but failed to pay her a compliment. Guest starring John Mahoney (Frasier).

Cast & Crew

Dr Edison Milford Goodson III William Shatner
Henry Goodson Jonathan Sadowski
Bonnie Goodson Nicole Sullivan
Vince Goodson Will Sasso
Tim Tim Bagley
Wally Durham John Mahoney
Director Gail Mancuso
Executive Producer David Kohan
Executive Producer Max Mutchnick
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