Series 2 - Episode 4 Asylum

Mon 4 Dec 8pm - 9pm AMC from BT
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Tue 5 Dec, 4:15am - 5:30am AMC from BT
Tue 5 Dec, 3:55pm - 4:50pm AMC from BT


A man is fatally stabbed outside a coffee shop, and the detectives suspect a local homeless man. However, the conviction is threatened on appeal when it is revealed Cerreta and Logan failed to secure a warrant to search his home - a lean-to in Central Park.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Phil Cerreta Paul Sorvino
Det Mike Logan Chris Noth
Capt Donald Cragen Dann Florek
ADA Ben Stone Michael Moriarty
ADA Paul Robinette Richard Brooks
DA Adam Schiff Steven Hill
Christian `Lemonhead' Tatum Matthew Cowles
Scoler Ron McLarty
Miss Elsie Hatch Elizabeth Lawrence
Mimi Sternhagen Lycia Naff
Director Kristoffer Tabori
Writer Kathy McCormick
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