Zoo York

Series 2 - Episode 3 Zoo York



Mac and Danny investigate the mysterious death of a man torn apart by tigers at the Bronx Zoo. They are led to both the victim's meat-packing plant as well as his Mafia relatives. Hawkes and Stella take on the case of a debutante found dead on a carousel only hours before her big night. Drama, starring Melina Kanakaredes, Gary Sinise, Hill Harper and Carmine Giovinazzo.

Cast & Crew

Det Mac Taylor Gary Sinise
Det Stella Bonasera Melina Kanakaredes
Det Danny Messer Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Lindsay Monroe Anna Belknap
Dr Sheldon Hawkes Hill Harper
Det Don Flack Eddie Cahill
Dr Evan Zao Ron Yuan
Zack Shannon David Julian Hirsh
Angelo Venetti Sr Peter Onorati
Felix Parker Joel Brooks
Jessica Freemont Rebecca Staab
Director Norberto Barba
Writer Peter M Lenkov
Writer Timothy J Lea
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