Sharpe's Challenge - Part One

Series 6 - Episode 1 Sharpe's Challenge - Part One



Part one of two. Sean Bean stars as Bernard Cornwell's swashbuckling hero in a story set a year after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. Warned of a threat to British interests in India, Wellington sends Sharpe to investigate, in what turns out to be his most dangerous mission to date. The fate of an Empire and the life of a general's daughter lie in the former rifleman's hands.

Cast & Crew

Col Richard Sharpe Sean Bean
Sgt Patrick Harper Daragh O'Malley
Captain Leonard Oliver Chris
Davi Lal Karan Arora
Major Crosby Nicholas Blane
Col William Dodd Toby Stephens
Sir Samuel Rawlinson Michael Elwyn
The Duke of Wellington Hugh Fraser
Ramona Harper Diana Perez
Celia Burroughs Lucy Brown
Captain Lawrence Lex Shrapnel
Lt Mohan Singh Alyy Khan
Khande Rao Karan Panthaky
Maduvanthi Padma Lakshmi
Lalima Shruti Vyas
Col Pierre Gudin Aurelien Recoing
Gen Sir Henry Simmerson Michael Cochrane
Sgt Shadrach Bickerstaff Peter-Hugo Daly
Gen Burroughs Peter Symonds
Col Hector McRae Graham McTavish
Major John Stokes Gary Dunnington
Sgt Jacques Bonnet Thierry Hancisse
Director Tom Clegg
Executive Producer Stuart Sutherland
Executive Producer Kathryn Mitchell
Executive Producer Steve Wilkinson
Producer Malcolm Craddock
Producer Muir Sutherland
Writer Russell Lewis
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