As Time Goes By

Reunion Special: Part One

Series 10 - Episode 1 Reunion Special: Part One



First of two special episodes of Bob Larbey's comedy. Lionel is dumbfounded by the delivery of two cots to the Hardcastle residence, given that there are no babies in the house. Jean explains that they are for their grandchildren, which is even more surprising given that Judith isn't even pregnant.

Cast & Crew

Jean Pargetter Judi Dench
Lionel Hardcastle Geoffrey Palmer
Alistair Deacon Philip Bretherton
Judith Hanson Moira Brooker
Sandy Jenny Funnell
Harry Daniel Ryan
Patrick David Oyelowo
Driver Dennis Banks
Driver's mate Mark Bagnall
Receptionist Cate Fowler
Director Sydney Lotterby
Executive Producer Don Taffner Snr
Executive Producer John Bartlett
Producer Sydney Lotterby
Writer Bob Larbey
Writer Colin Bostock Smith
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