Murdoch Mysteries


Series 4 - Episode 11 Bloodlust



A female student attending a residential boarding school is found drowned in a fountain. She seems to have lost three pints of blood and has two bite marks on her neck. Crabtree is convinced a vampire is on the loose, but Murdoch is intent on finding a more conventional explanation. Detective drama, starring Yannick Bisson.

Cast & Crew

Det William Murdoch Yannick Bisson
Dr Julia Ogden Helene Joy
Insp Thomas Brackenreid Thomas Craig
Cons George Crabtree Jonny Harris
Dr Darcy Garland Jonathan Watton
Patrick `Paddy' Glenn Ephraim Ellis
Mrs Irvin Leah Pinsent
Arlene Dennet Holly Deveaux
Director Gail Harvey
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