Edward VIII: The Lion King

Edward VIII: The Lion King


This is an enchanting, real-life Out of Africa. There is great footage of 1920s hunting parties in east Africa – all pith helmets and charging elephants in juddery black and white. But there is also a terrific story about how the future Edward VIII went on safari and had the time of his life, before coming to realise that the scale of casual slaughter was out of hand. One infamous American hunting party killed 11,000 animals.

The prince soon made himself a figurehead in conservation efforts and became a pioneering wildlife cameraman: the shot where he is charged by an angry rhino is extraordinary.


Recently released footage filmed in 1928 and 1930 by Edward VIII himself shows the much-maligned monarch in a new light, revealing the untold story of his safaris in Africa and his role in changing the future of the continent's wildlife. He was shocked by the scale of the slaughter he encountered, with elephants, rhinos, lions and leopards being killed in their thousands, and led a conservation campaign to protect the lives of these animals.

Cast & Crew

Director George Pagliero
Executive Producer Dick Colthurst
Producer George Pagliero