Wild Scotland

Series 1



If you don’t mind Ewan McGregor emoting on the commentary, this is an enchanting series. Our narrator keeps waxing lyrical (or his script does) about the islands’ “otherworldliness” and “ancient sense of place” when you wish he’d tell us more about the animals instead. At one stage he lets drop the fact that Arctic terns nesting on Lewis have arrived there after a 19,000km (about 12,000 miles) migration from Antarctica – the kind of jaw-dropping information that makes you long to know more.

But that’s not the idea here: it’s an impressionistic, misty-eyed sort of series: best to let it wash over you.


The wildlife documentary focuses on the Outer Hebrides, where on the outlying islands, seabirds rush to feed their chicks while trying to escape the clutches of predatory skuas with a taste for young puffins. On the low-lying Uists, acres of meadows burst into flower as summer finally arrives, while after a year of drought, Atlantic salmon find themselves trapped in the sea pools and unable to move into the river systems. Narrated by Ewan McGregor.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Ewan McGregor
Executive Producer Nigel Pope
Documentary Nature