Life of Crime

Series 1 - Episode 2



It’s 1997 and Oasis are on the soundtrack, so we have inexplicably leapt forward 12 years since last week’s episode of this gloomy drama. Denise Woods is now a detective inspector and married to Detective Sergeant Ray Deans. We have no idea why as we have seen nothing of their courtship, though we do know that he makes meatballs because we see him cooking a family meal for his wife and their daughter.

Denise (Hayley Atwell) is clipped and capable, though thanks to this time leap, we have no idea about her career path. Of course, the crime in the first episode comes back to haunt her when the body of a young woman is found by a block of flats. There’s a glimmer of something interesting, but it’s all a bit of a, ahem, plod.


It's 1997, 12 years on from the Amy Reid investigation, and Denise's world is turned upside down when a forensic discovery in a new case casts doubt on the conviction of Mike Holland for the teenager's murder. As a result, his legal team presses for his release and the police officer is forced to admit to Ray that she planted evidence back in 1985. Then, a trial for Holland's financial compensation threatens to destroy her professional reputation, and to make matters worse, her husband asks for a separation. Drama, starring Hayley Atwell, Richard Coyle and Con O'Neill.

Cast & Crew

Denise Woods Hayley Atwell
Ray Deans Richard Coyle
DI Ferguson Con O'Neill
Beverley Reid Amanda Drew
Rose Ruth McCabe
Mike Holland Julian Lewis Jones
Gainham Joel Beckett
Helen Clarke Priyanga Burford
Director Jim Loach
Executive Producer Michael Parke
Executive Producer Douglas Rae
Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Writer Declan Croghan
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