May the Best House Win


Series 5 - Episode 1 Blackpool



This show is Come Dine with Me for houses. It returns with a new set of proud owners showing off their homes to three strangers in the hope that their interior design and hospitality will win them the £1,000 prize money. And although you may think that a million-pound house with a grand piano in the kitchen would always win over a characterful terraced house, you’d be wrong.

First up is retail manager Dale with his art deco beachside apartment in Blackpool, cabaret artist Liam and his lovingly decorated former guest house, pensioner Norma who reveals her passion for doll’s houses, and Sam, who shares her love of animals.


Guy Porritt narrates the competition in which homeowners rate one another's properties. In Blackpool, retail manager Dale Hitchman, cabaret artiste Liam Halewood, pensioner Norma Baskerville and private tutor Sam Daniels score their fellow contestants' homes in categories including interior design, homeliness, comfort and overall viewing experience, with £1,000 awarded to the winner.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Guy Porritt
Director Sian Grundy
Executive Producer Mark Robinson
Producer Sian Grundy
Series Producer Ruth Gray