Caroline Quentin's National Parks

Snowdonia National Park

Series 1 - Episode 2 Snowdonia National Park



The popularity of these celebrity travelogues depends on whether you find the company of Edmondson, Bremner, Nesbitt or Quentin enjoyable or irritating. That said, it’s a bit harsh leaving Quentin stranded in Snowdonia — she’s not that bad. In fact she’s even “lending her body” to train rescue dogs. She gets terrifically enthusiastic about everything and especially excited yelling at the runners in the annual “race the train” run.

Thankfully she’s a little quieter at an extraordinary “rock” wedding held underground in a disused slate mine because, despite the Metallica, it’s a very peaceful occasion.


The actress visits Snowdonia National Park in north Wales, where she takes part in a training exercise for the Mountain Rescue Dogs Association, cheers on the runners at the annual Race the Train contest and helps beekeepers move a hive to a hillside following a wet summer. She also heads 480ft underground to explore disused slate mines in Blaenau Ffestiniog before trying her hand at making roof tiles from the rock.
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