The Day the Earth Stood Cool

Series 24 - Episode 7 The Day the Earth Stood Cool



The USA will be seeing a whole lot of Premier League football next season, as NBC has secured the rights to show every game, but one club has got in early with a mention on US primetime: West Ham United. A Hammers banner is seen in the son’s bedroom of a cool family who have moved in next to the Simpsons, and prompted Homer to prove he is one father-of-three who is still “with it”.

There’s plenty of fun to be had with swipes at trend-chasing hipsters, though Homer’s attempt to grow a goatee is funniest of all: “Why do my hairs only grow in threes?”


Homer shakes off the shackles of his traditional lifestyle after hitting it off with his trendy new neighbours, who are the ultimate in cool - although Marge isn't too keen on the hipster clan, especially their parenting style. However, when Bart falls out with one of his new friends' kids, the doughnut-loving dad soon sees them for what they really are. With the guest voices of Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, and Patton Oswalt (Young Adult).

Cast & Crew

Homer Simpson Dan Castellaneta
Marge Simpson Julie Kavner
Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson Yeardley Smith
Terrence Fred Armisen
Emily Carrie Brownstein
Corduroy/T-Rex Patton Oswalt
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Comedy Drama Sitcom