The Ice Cream Girls

The Ice Cream Girls

Series 1 - Episode 2



Strange, thwarted Poppy, newly released from prison after serving a sentence for the teenage murder of an exploitative, abusive teacher, starts fluttering around the life of her co-accused, Serena.

But neither of them can flee from their pasts, as this straightforward psychological thriller unwinds. We still don’t know the truth of what happened in that sunny seaside town all of those years ago. Frankly, it’s really hard to care about anyone as they seem a useless bunch who are incapable of doing anything to pull themselves from the mire.

Poppy (Jodhi May) doesn’t help her cause by making a nuisance of herself, while Serena (Lorraine Burroughs) is too easily buffeted by the fates. Get a grip, the lot of you.


With Poppy seeking revenge, Serena struggles to block out the memories from her past. As her mother's health deteriorates, she realises she must face the burden on her own, and resolves to report her former school friend to the probation services. Excluded and alone, Poppy remains determined to get the truth from Serena, and confides in lifeguard Al. Drama based on the novel by Dorothy Koomson, starring Lorraine Burroughs, Jodhi May, Martin Compston and Dona Croll.

Cast & Crew

Poppy Jodhi May
Serena Lorraine Burroughs
Young Poppy Holli Dempsey
Young Serena Georgina Campbell
Marcus Martin Compston
Al Bryan Dick
Rachel Dona Croll
Evan Nicholas Pinnock
Vee Dominique Jackson
Fez Sara Powell
Liz Eleanor Methven
Jim Owen Roe
Marlene Kathy Kiera Clarke
Poppy's lawyer Dylan Tighe
Serena's lawyer Laura Jane Laughlin
Brian Michael McElhatton
Pub local Steve Wilson
Director Dan Zeff
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Producer Lucy Dyke
Producer James Flynn
Producer Ronan Flynn
Writer Kate Brooke
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