The Route Masters: Running London's Roads: Night Bus

The Route Masters: Running London's Roads: Night Bus

Series 1



A London night bus driver tells of the time a deranged man ranted that everyone on board was bound for hell. The driver, seeing that his passengers were alarmed, yelled back, “Sit down quietly! We’re not going to hell, we’re going to Ilford!”

It’s stories like these that show the humour and the curious fellowship that exists among people who use the capital’s extensive night bus routes, which pick up the drunk, the crazy, the rootless and the shift workers. In Matt Pelly’s smashing film we follow inspectors catching fare dodgers and a homeless man who keeps cosy by taking round trips to the far reaches of Heathrow.


The number of passengers travelling around London in the small hours has tripled since 2000 and the night bus service has expanded to cope with the demand, but its drivers face an unpredictable crowd. A homeless man enjoys the warmth of a long journey, while Tommy McKerr has to deal with trouble on the N25 route to Essex when a gang of young men piles on to the bus without paying.

Cast & Crew

Director Matt Pelly
Producer Matt Pelly
Series Producer Simon Gilchrist