Agatha Christie's Marple

Greenshaw's Folly

Series 6 - Episode 2 Greenshaw's Folly



Kindly Miss Marple offers shelter to a friend who’s on the run from her abusive husband with their young son. Miss M (Julia McKenzie) finds them a berth at the rambling country house of her friend, a barmy botanist (the magnificent Fiona Shaw).

But the place is packed with weirdos, including a very off-hand factotum (played by Vic Reeves, or rather Jim Moir) who puts the fear of God into the little boy when he tells him that the house is stalked by a ghost.

Everyone is terribly gnomic and, as the bodies start to pile up, it seems that there really is a hooded spectral figure gliding through the corridors of the house.

Frankly, the whole thing (based on a short story) is odd and a bit of a mess, and you’ll be able to spot a very obvious sleight of hand. Eyes peeled!


The sleuth helps an old friend find refuge at country house Greenshaw's Folly, but a sinister shadow falls over the strange building's various inhabitants and a murderer strikes. Miss Marple uncovers secrets from the past about Miss Greenshaw as a dangerous storm gathers and the bodies start to pile up. Julia McKenzie heads an all-star cast that includes Jim Moir (better known as Vic Reeves), Kimberley Nixon, Fiona Shaw, Robert Glenister, Julia Sawalha, Judy Parfitt and Matt Willis (formerly of pop group Busted).

Cast & Crew

Miss Marple Julia McKenzie
Miss Katherine Greenshaw Fiona Shaw
Alfred Pollock Martin Compston
Grace Ritchie Joanna David
Fr Brophy Robert Glenister
Horace Bindler Rufus Jones
Cracken Jim Moir
Louisa Oxley Kimberley Nixon
Cicely Beauclerk Judy Parfitt
Philip Oxley Oscar Pearce
Nat Fletcher Sam Reid
Mrs Cresswell Julia Sawalha
Archie Oxley Bobby Smalldridge
Insp Welch John Gordon Sinclair
Cayley Matt Willis
Minnie Tulliver Candida Gubbins
Adapted By Tim Whitnall
Director Sarah Harding
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Karen Thrussell
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producer Hilary Strong
Producer Peter McAleese
Writer Agatha Christie
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