The Call Centre

The Cash Cow of the Company Has Stopped Giving Milk

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Cash Cow of the Company Has Stopped Giving Milk



This week Swansea’s Napoleon, irrepressible Nev Wilshire, has a new campaign. He’s realised his army of cold callers marches on nicotine, with many taking increasing numbers of fag breaks. So he wants them to quit — not just the breaks, but the cigarettes themselves.

But fag breaks are not the only things at risk, as Nev’s largest contract is coming to an end and if he does’t find new business quick, he’ll have to take some hard staffing decisions. Amid the happy-clappy ethos, it’s a stark reminder that cold callers live and die by how you answer the phone.

There is light relief, though, in the form of musclebound bodybuilder Corey and his “Barbie girl” Chloe, as they argue in the gym over who has the biggest boobs.


Nev is forced to cut costs when the centre's biggest contract comes to an end, causing him to put a stop to cigarette breaks and overtime. As Corey and Chloe head out on a date, he reveals his belief that it's more important in Swansea for men to look good than women.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Kimberley Nixon
Executive Producer Tim Green
Series Producer Jon Connerly