Wild Shepherdess with Kate Humble

Wild Shepherdess with Kate Humble

Series 1 - Episode 1



The game and indefatigable Kate Humble leaves her Welsh farm and heads for a particularly remote and inhospitable part of Afghanistan, the Wakhan Corridor between Tajikistan and Pakistan. There she joins the Wakhi people as they herd and graze their flocks of sheep on its scrubby pasture.

Humble throws herself into daily life with the Wakhi, helping to gather the animals as everyone makes their way into a valley to avoid the worst of the hard winter in the mountains. For an ex-model, she’s refreshingly without vanity as she refers to the effect of the thin air on her complexion: “There’s no time to worry about a puffy face.”

She’s right, there isn’t, as Humble does that travelling TV presenter thing of joining the locals as they do everyday things like making bread and collecting yak dung. The Wakhi are remarkably welcoming and one old lady makes Humble her honorary daughter.


The broadcaster lives with people tending animals in some of the harshest environments on Earth and examines how the relationship between shepherds and their flocks has played a crucial role in human history. Kate begins by trekking for two days to visit the Wakhi people of north-east Afghanistan, who live as they have done for thousands of years - at the mercy of nature and utterly dependent on their animals for survival.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kate Humble
Director James Smith
Executive Producer Lucy Carter
Producer James Smith