Scorched Earth

Series 6 - Episode 1 Scorched Earth



No bikini-clad Miami babes on show as the high-energy espionage drama returns for a sixth series. Even our hero, “burned” spy Michael Westen, can’t raise one of his trademark toothy grins. It’s all down to serious business as Michael pursues the man behind all his troubles, the malevolent Anson Fullerton, whose machinations have resulted in the lovely Fiona’s incarceration. Michael’s so angry he can’t see straight — even when his nearest and dearest are under threat.


Following Fiona's imprisonment, Michael is reeling from her loss, and Anson is on the run. If he doesn't want her sacrifice to have been in vain, he will have to stop the fugitive from disappearing for ever. Desperate to escape, Anson sends an assassin to Madeline's house and leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. Despite all the obstacles thrown in his way, Michael manages to corner him at a coastal industrial plant.

Cast & Crew

Michael Westen Jeffrey Donovan
Fiona Glenanne Gabrielle Anwar
Jesse Porter Coby Bell
Sam Axe Bruce Campbell
Madeline Westen Sharon Gless
Anson Fullerton Jere Burns
Jason Bly Alex Carter
Agent Pearce Lauren Stamile
Director Stephen Surjik
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