Rick Stein's India

Kolkata and Chennai

Series 1 - Episode 1 Kolkata and Chennai



To Rick Stein, and probably a lot of others, “There’s something about a curry that’s all pervading. Just the thought of it ignites a longing deep inside us.” So expect your longings to be burning like bonfires by the end of this glorious hour as he samples Indian street food and curries, from pillowy prawn cutlets to mulligatawny soup.

Stein starts his curry odyssey in Kolkata where a British chef takes him around just a handful of myriad street-food stalls, all immaculate. He has fresh yogurt served in a disposable clay pot before visiting a highly recommended restaurant at the All Bengal Women’s Union, a charity that helps underprivileged women and children. Its kitchen is packed with happy women cooks, one of whom makes a divine egg curry. Later, at the well-to-do Madras Club, we learn the members’ favourite dish is shepherd’s pie.


The chef begins an exploration of the country's food in the states of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, where the influence of the British Empire on eating habits can still be observed. Rick enjoys the prominence of fish and seafood in the cuisine found in the cities of Kolkata and Chennai, cooking dishes including prawns in coconut milk and his mum's British Raj curry.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rick Stein
Director David Pritchard
Producer David Pritchard