Cat 8

Series 1 - Episode 1



Part one of two. An advanced security system is unveiled that can harness the power of the sun to destroy any threat to Earth, from rogue missiles to asteroids. The technology is celebrated as the future of global defence - until an accident leads to catastrophe. Apocalyptic sci-fi drama, starring Matthew Modine, Maxim Roy and Ted Whittall.

Cast & Crew

Michael Matthew Modine
Jane Maxim Roy
Brian Ted Whittall
Karen Kalinka Petrie
Jack Trevor Hayes
Beverly Kate Drummond
President Duncan Alain Goulem
Vice-President Alice Crane Susan Hogan
William Francis X McCarthy
Director Kevin Fair
Executive Producer Douglas G Davis
Executive Producer Irene Litinsky
Executive Producer Christine O'Shea-Daly
Executive Producer Michael Prupas
Executive Producer Jeffrey Scott Simmons
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