Heading Out

Series 1 - Episode 6



Hardly anyone likes Heading Out, it’s been kicked to death then dumped in a shallow grave by audiences and critics, so it’s perverse to make it recommended viewing. Except I like it. I know it’s as annoying and stupid as everyone says it is. But it’s harmless and it doesn’t try to be novel or pioneering, and I’ve laughed at least once at each episode. But never mind, it ends here as hapless vet Sara at last decides she absolutely MUST come out to her parents. Cue a disastrous dinner party.


The time arrives for Sara to come out to her parents and though Toria issues her with a charm to bring good fortune, it seems her luck may be about to run out. With a break-in at the surgery, a snake on the loose and a confrontational policeman to deal with, will she finally be able to be honest with her family? Comedy, starring Sue Perkins. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Sara Sue Perkins
Daniel Steve Oram
Jamie Dominic Coleman
Justine Nicola Walker
Toria Joanna Scanlan
Eve Shelley Conn
Colin Stafforth Tim Downie
Angela Harriet Walter
Donald Jeff Rawle
Sophie Anna Skellern
Ben Tom Burke
Director Natalie Bailey
Producer Jim Poyser
Writer Sue Perkins
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