In the Flesh

Series 1 - Episode 1



We’ve had ghosts in Being Human and the undead in The Fades; now BBC3 gets stuck into zombies for a three-part drama. But like its cult forebears, In the Flesh steers commendably clear of cliché, and grips onto a fresh angle with steely confidence.

Without getting bogged down in back story, this low-key opener posits a reality in which zombies are being rehabilitated into society by the government. These sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome are kitted out with flesh-coloured make-up and contact lenses to hide their pinpoint pupils. But cosmetics are the least of their worries: public fear and suspicion are embodied by a “rotter” hating Human Volunteer Force. So who are the real monsters here: the afflicted or the baying mob?

Kenneth Cranham, Ricky Tomlinson and Steve Evets bolster a cast of newcomers in a chilling but chewy tale of intolerance.


Supernatural drama about the re-integration of a zombie teenager into his local community. One of thousands of individuals affected by partially deceased syndrome, or PDS, Kieren Walker returns home to Roarton, having been subjected to months of rehabilitation and medication by a government that has set an agenda of acceptance and tolerance. However, a cauldron of brutal anti-zombie sentiment exists and is gathering support. Luke Newberry, Kenneth Cranham and Steve Evets star.

Cast & Crew

Kieren Walker Luke Newberry
Bill Macy Steve Evets
Ken Burton Ricky Tomlinson
Vicar Oddie Kenneth Cranham
Lisa Lancaster Riann Steele
Jem Walker Harriet Cains
Amy Dyer Emily Bevan
Dr Shepherd Stewart Scudamore
Treatment assistant James Foster
Alex Alex Arnold
Janet Macy Karen Henthorn
Patty Lancaster Juliet Ellis
Sue Walker Marie Critchley
Philip Wilson Stephen Thompson
Shirley Wilson Sandra Huggett
Ben Lee Toomes
Joanne Rachel Toomes
Steve Walker Steve Cooper
Hannah Danielle Vitalis
Keith John Owen-Jones
Pearl Pinder Gillian Waugh
Gary Kevin Sutton
Dean Gerrard Thompson
Mrs Bennett Susan Twist
Giles Weir Oliver Birch
Maggie Burton Sue Wallace
Duncan Lancaster Steve Garti
Director Jonny Campbell
Producer Anne Harrison-Baxter
Writer Dominic Mitchell
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