Series 7 - Episode 19 Appearances



A woman is admitted to hospital after a series of burglaries, and Nick and Jo start planning their life together. Greengrass and Bernie try their hand at modern art. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Nick Rowan Nick Berry
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass Bill Maynard
Sgt Oscar Blaketon Derek Fowlds
Jo Rowan Juliette Gruber
PC Alf Ventress William Simons
PC Phil Bellamy Mark Jordon
Gina Ward Tricia Penrose
PC Mike Bradley Jason Durr
Bernie Scripps Peter Benson
John Upton Terrence Hardiman
Mrs Laura Upton Belinda Sinclair
Ruth Upton Zoe Hart
Moira Hamilton Eve Matheson
Martha Coutts Patsy Byrne
Harry Somers Adam Waddington
Colin Gibbs Lawrence Mullin
Adrian Chiltern Maurice Thorogood
Director Brian Farnham
Executive Producer Keith Richardson
Producer Gerry Mill
Writer Carolyn Sally Jones
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