The Last Broadcast

Series 5 - Episode 6 The Last Broadcast



Fans have relished the misadventures of various supernatural trios over five series, and while this final episode might not have the emotional wallop of George staking Mitchell or Annie blowing up the Old Ones, Toby Whithouse has succeeded in giving Hal, Tom and Alex (Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken) the perfect send-off. First, though, the Devil (Phil Davis in natty suit) wants to play: he’s got experience in temptation, but what’s he got to offer ahead of the end of days? Expect tears…


Fifty years of hunger and self-restraint finally catch up with Hal, and after feasting on blood and recruiting an undead army, his vicious Lord Hal persona resurfaces. With his friend now distinctly off the rails, Tom also reverts to his old ways, drawing on his vampire-hunting childhood to plan his revenge. Meanwhile, all the conflict restores Captain Hatch to his full diabolic strength, and as he traps Alex in her own personal hell, it appears the supernatural trinity has been broken. The final episode of Toby Whithouse's dark comedy drama, starring Damien Molony, Michael Socha, Kate Bracken and Phil Davis. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Tom Michael Socha
Hal Damien Molony
Alex Kate Bracken
Mr Rook Steven Robertson
Captain Hatch Phil Davis
Alistair Frith Toby Whithouse
Leo Louis Mahoney
Brendan Gordon Kennedy
Allison Ellie Kendrick
Newsreader Peter Dobbie
Director Daniel O'Hara
Producer Polly Buckle
Writer Toby Whithouse
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