Dirty Sexy Money

The Injured Party

Series 2 - Episode 6 The Injured Party



Letitia hits a female cyclist with her car, and Tripp invites the victim to recuperate at the mansion to avoid another scandal. Lisa and Karen come to blows over Nick, while Nola impresses Patrick with her aggression as his new chief of staff. Starring Jill Clayburgh and Donald Sutherland.

Cast & Crew

Simon Elder Blair Underwood
Karen Darling Natalie Zea
Lisa George Zoe McLellan
Patrick Darling William Baldwin
Letitia Darling Jill Clayburgh
Nick George Peter Krause
Jeremy Darling Seth Gabel
Brian Darling Glenn Fitzgerald
Nola Lyons Lucy Liu
Patrick `Tripp' Darling Donald Sutherland
Andrea Smithson Sheryl Lee
Brian Smithson Darling Jr Will Shadley
Wrenn Sarah Carter
Kiki Darcy Rose Byrnes
Daisy Laura Margolis
Clark Shawn Michael Patrick
Dr Zwerling John Rubinstein
Gabby Nikki Novak
Nola's brother Ryan Lee
Goldie Robyn Jean Springer
Director Dean White
Writer Paul Redford
Writer Sallie Patrick
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