Series 3 - Episode 12 Clear



In a pleasingly sparse episode featuring just four characters, Rick and Carl bring Michonne back to their home town on a mission to scavenge supplies ahead of their showdown with the Governor.

After being ambushed by a mystery sniper, the trio find themselves in a house that's booby-trapped to the rafters with explosives, tripwires and flying fire-axes. "It said welcome on the mat," notes Michonne drily, as they help themselves to a cache of weapons big enough to sink an aircraft carrier.

This is another slow burner, but its ominous atmosphere leaves you feeling the series is gearing up for a bloody climax.


The prison-based survivors are forced to admit they are heavily outgunned by the Woodbury faction, prompting Rick to mount a dangerous expedition to scavenge more weapons. Post-apocalyptic drama, starring Andrew Lincoln.

Cast & Crew

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln
Carl Grimes Chandler Riggs
Michonne Danai Gurira
Morgan Jones Lennie James
Hitchhiker Russell Durham Comegys
Director Tricia Brock
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