The Matt Lucas Awards

The Matt Lucas Awards

Series 2 - Episode 1



Lined up awkwardly on Matt Lucas’s sofa, Robert Webb, Adil Ray and Ardal O’Hanlon look like guests at a bad party. Despite Lucas’s sharp chatter, this returning panel show, in which guests suggest award winners in categories such as “most miserable day of the year”, feels clunky and slow. The highlight is the award for best hidden talent, when Adil Ray reveals an uncanny ability to recognise 1980s cars just by hearing them rev. If only the rest of the show had more vroom vroom.


The funnyman hosts the comedy awards ceremony, inviting Ardal O'Hanlon, Robert Webb and Adil Ray to discuss bizarre categories, while joining in the fun is Matt's mum over in her kitchen. In a new addition to the show, the winners are chosen by a panel of famous judges - this week made up of Team GB medal-winners Anthony Ogogo, Kate Walsh and Alex Danson.