Series 1 - Episode 3



If you like crime dramas slow and enthralling, this is for you. Writers Ben Court and Caroline Ip keep wrong-footing us – just when we think we know who took May Queen Hattie, they pull out the rug.

In the third episode (Mayday runs until Thursday) former police officer Fiona Hill (Sophie Okonedo) wonders about her husband, also a cop, who’s the subject of a disciplinary inquiry and behaves as if he has secrets.

But maybe the answer to Hattie’s disappearance lies in the dense woods that seem to be closing in on a community that’s tearing itself apart. As the claustrophobia builds, layers of respectability are peeled away to reveal the rawness beneath.


A devastating discovery throws the spotlight on a key suspect and forces Gail to face unwelcome facts about husband Malcolm. Caitlin and Linus's relationship deepens when she tells him a shameful secret about the day her sister went missing, while Fiona grows suspicious of Everett. Crime drama, starring Lesley Manville, Peter Firth, Leila Mimmack, Max Fowler and Sophie Okonedo. Continues tomorrow.