Bluestone 42

Series 1 - Episode 1



Even before it’s broadcast, this comedy has caused a furore, dealing as it does with a squad of bomb disposal experts clearing IEDs in Afghanistan. Can such a sensitive subject get laughs?

Yes it can. Richard Hurst and James Cary (who have both worked on Miranda) evidently did their research. The banter and camaraderie are
as profane as you’d expect on the frontline, and some of the humour is exceptionally dark. However, that research seems to be holding them
back; they’re so careful presenting a balanced view of professional soldiery that the characters are underplayed.

There is promise in the lusty captain Nick Medhurst (Green Wing’s Oliver Chris) and his pursuit of the attractive new padre (Hustle’s Kelly Adams), but larger-than-life roles are in short supply. Michael McShane’s CIA liaison officer Carter is one, but his appearance is all too brief.


Comedy drama about a British bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan, focusing on the camaraderie, bonds and banter the soldiers in unit Bluestone 42 share, despite the dangers they face in their work. The team faces a difficult roadside operation, while new padre Mary grabs the attention of expert Nick. Oliver Chris, Stephen Wight and Kelly Adams star.

Cast & Crew

Nick Oliver Chris
Simon Stephen Wight
Mary Kelly Adams
Lt Col Tony Gardner
Bird Katie Lyons
Rocket Scott Hoatson
Mac Jamie Quinn
Millsy Gary Carr
Faruq Keeno Lee Hector
Randall Carter Michael McShane
Pamela Ndoni Khanyile
Director Iain B MacDonald
Executive Producer Stephen McCrum
Producer Michelle Farr
Writer James Cary
Writer Richard Hurst
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