The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop


Let’s be honest — there’s no serious reason to watch The Wedding Shop. It doesn’t offer searing insights into the state of marriage in Britain, but it does offer a delightfully gossipy gawp at mushroom cloud wedding dresses and the women who love them.

We follow a handful of brides-to-be as they pass through the doors of a Leeds bridal shop. Jo is renewing her vows to her self-made millionaire husband, while Natasha is marrying her childhood sweetheart. And Tammy’s told her estranged mum not to turn up on her big day — “I don’t want you there to ruin it.” There are giggles and tears and hugs as the women sail on puffballs of lace.


Documentary following staff at a busy wedding shop in Leeds as they guide brides through the hectic summer season. Manager Marg and her colleague Jane come to the aid of a series of brides-to-be as they plan out their perfect day, including Tammy who dreams of a fairy-tale wedding and has chosen the sparkliest dress in the shop. The pair also dispense advice to Natasha, who is preparing to exchange vows with the childhood sweetheart she reunited with after a decade apart.

Cast & Crew

Director Ruth Nicklin
Executive Producer Liesel Evans
Producer Helen Shearer