Child of Our Time

Changing Families

Series 10 - Episode 2 Changing Families



Half the couples in this ongoing series have divorced or separated since it began in 2000. Some of the children have lost a parent. So there are desperately sad stories in this edition, which documents how the families have changed over the past 13 years. Many of the youngsters have coped well with upheaval and trauma, but others haven’t.

Watching a tearful youngster trying to find the words to describe the hurt they feel is always painful. But mostly it’s the parents who do the talking and, though they’re generally proud of their kids, many have a twinge of sadness at how quickly they’ve grown up.


Part two of two. Professor Robert Winston looks at how the youngsters have coped with changes in their families, as well as finding out about the hopes and expectations their parents hold for them. The presenter asks whether the 12-year study of the children's lives has been able to identify key moments that have shaped their personalities, as well as pondering how insightful the archive will be in terms of where they want to go next.