Jack Taylor: The Pikemen

Jack Taylor: The Pikemen

Series 1



In an episode first shown in February, our gruff Galway gumshoe returns to Ireland after spending a year in London to recover from last week’s case. At this rate, he won’t get many crimes solved. But Galway is a small town and, sure enough, the first suspect he questions on his new investigation is married to the old flame he was (partly) running away from.

It’s not the paciest of crime thrillers but Iain Glen makes Jack the kind of doleful, rugged character you want to keep watching and the story has the right kind of rough edges. Jack’s foes this time are a brotherhood of vigilantes who may have killed the son of a family friend. And despite his best efforts, Jack also picks up a sidekick, a doofus who dreams of being a private eye.


Former police officer Jack Taylor returns to his native Galway after a year away and is called on to investigate the murder of a man who fell from the scaffolding of a construction site, drawing him into the world of a vigilante group. In his quest for justice, it becomes clear Taylor's only chance of success is to adopt a similar strategy to the group he wants to take down. Iain Glenn stars.

Cast & Crew

Jack Taylor Iain Glen
Ann Henderson Tara Breathnach
Father Malachy Paraic Breathnach
Kate Noonan Nora-Jane Noone
Cody Farraher Killian Scott
Director Stuart Orme
Executive Producer Ralph Christians
Executive Producer Klaus Bassiner
Executive Producer Wolfgang Witt
Producer Clodagh Freeman
Writer Marteinn Thorisson
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