The Art of War

Series 4 - Episode 6 The Art of War



At last we find out why rich feminist Maddie Hayward seems so needy and desperate to befriend Alicia Florrick. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to be Alicia’s friend — let’s form an orderly queue — but Maddie is just a bit too persistent. It seems she has big plans.

But Alicia has little time to fret about her social life when she acts
for a female soldier suing a civilian contractor who sexually assaulted
her in Afghanistan.

There’s a lot of argument about military jurisdiction that will make the would-be lawyer in everyone who watches The Good Wife nod sagely and go, “Hmmm, I really didn’t know that. How interesting. And what a lovely power-suit Alicia is wearing today.”


Alicia must deal with complex matters of military law when a civilian contractor is accused of sexually assaulting a female army officer while on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Nick's company loses its bid for a government contract, but Cary may have found a solution to the problem. Legal drama, guest starring Amanda Peet.