Waterloo Road

Series 8 - Episode 19



The sight of Barry creeping around Sian’s flat while she is completely oblivious to the hooded teenager lurking in her bedroom is very unsettling. Yet it’s not clear what his plan is — other than to hurt her in some way.

This storyline comes to a head in this episode and, although a whole class of pupils have a Spartacus moment, each owning up to something they didn’t do, the result is definitely a win for the Barry family.

Meanwhile, Scout’s mum, just released from prison, pops up at the school gates and the entire school becomes addicted to Chalk and Cheese, a new online game created by Chalky and Kevin.


Sian loses her temper with Barry when he tries to humiliate her in front of the class, and the incident puts Michael in a difficult position. Will he sack his deputy? Meanwhile, Christine discovers Connor and Imogen's secret engagement, Kevin and Chalky's new smartphone app sweeps the school and Scout's good-for-nothing mother Tina (Lisa Riley, Strictly Come Dancing) makes an unwelcome return.