Johnny Kingdom and the Bears of Alaska

Johnny Kingdom and the Bears of Alaska


Johnny takes his feathered hat and mesmerising Exmoor vowels to Kodiak Island, Alaska, for this charming one-off. As a lad, JK fished for Devon salmon with his bare hands, but now he wants to see nature’s experts at work.

There’s enchanting footage of bald eagles, tufted puffins and a sea otter rubbing his cheeks with his front paws. All are met with a joy that can’t be faked, but it’s the bears that really get Johnny going. Initially nervous at the sight of a “hooge” one on the beach, he’s overwhelmed by another catching salmon for its cub. If you’ve lost your inner child and want it back, watch this.


The amateur cameraman visits Kodiak Island off the south-west coast of Alaska in search of brown bears, and explores how these animals fish for sockeye salmon in its remote rivers. Severe weather conditions, including heavy mists and fog, make the journey by seaplane to the remote areas where the bears live even harder to achieve, yet being grounded gives Johnny the opportunity to film humpback whales, tufted puffins and sea otters.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Johnny Kingdom
Director Wendy McLean
Producer David Parker